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Improve client relations through steady communications

Posted By on September 22, 2009

Whether your clients generate one-time transactions or are more consistent, you want to remain top of mind as the expert in your industry – and you do that by staying in touch with them. Obviously this is easier if they’re receiving monthly invoices and weekly e-mails or phone calls, but what about those clients who only need a short-term solution? Are you keeping in touch with them to answer future questions or ask for referrals?

Many of my clients only work with me for a month or so while I create a résumé and cover letter package. Even if I’m writing or editing material for them, it may turn out to only be for a couple of months. But what if their situation changes or they come across a great referral? It’s possible – and even likely – that they won’t remember me (like they won’t remember you) if they aren’t reminded from time to time.

One of the ways you can stay in touch with your clients and prospective clients is through a regular e-newsletter. Constant Contact offers a free 60-day trial so you can get acquainted with their system and start to define a strategy for regular communications. You can include information about yourself, your products and services, or upcoming specials and promotions. If you want to go above and beyond, you can use direct mail for your newsletter – either monthly or quarterly.

No matter how you stay in touch with your clients, make sure you do something. People meet a lot of new contacts regularly, and the last person we meet or hear from is usually the first we consider when a need arises.